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Well, for the time being only Tango in San Francisco and vicinity...

The Peninsula Tango Society

announces it's

First Tango Art Project

on Thursday September 20th, 2001

More details here.

The Peninsula Tango Society announces that their Los Altos Milonga has been canceled starting from November 2002 until further notice.
They would like to thank everybody who made this a very nice, relaxed and easy going venue, where we had a lot of fun.
If you would like further information, please contact Donna.

Ongoing Events in the Bay Area

Polo's wounderful collection of Bay Area Events

Past Events

First Workshop/Milonga on Saturday August 4th, 2001. More details here.

See the anouncement (March 2001) of this really wounderful event
Most probably these were the nicest tango music and show dances performed in the Bay Area ever.

Great New Years Eve and Day Tango Parties 2001
They were really great. Many thanks to Donna and Victor.
View the picture gallery or the past invitation

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